Lifestyle Supremacy

This article largely focuses on making you wildly successful with the tactical elements of romantic interactions on adult facebook. however, in order to be successful with women you have to have a life that women want to be a part of. i’m not talking about being wildly rich and incredibly buff. i’m talking about having a well put-together lifestyle. here are the critical elements of “Lifestyle supremacy”:

Hot to Have Passion

Now that you have time in your life and some wealth coming in, you can truly identify what you want to do with your time on this earth. it may not be what you expect. one of my flight instructors is a 60-year-old, former businessman that retired at 40 to become a pilot. All he does is fly. that’s all he wants to do. he is blissfully happy. he isn’t super rich or  anything; he simply used the principles of time and wealth construction to allow himself to do exactly what he wants to do. You don’t need to fly a jet to be your own pilot. (more…)

romantic interactions

the examples throughout this article are for nighttime environments such as bars, clubs, and lounges. We cover their day game variants in , “day game.” (more…)

Phases of Sexual Relationships on Facebook

THE  PHASES of Adult Facebook Sex Encounters

Many dating models describe 3 phases culminating in the beginning of a sexual relationship.

The Attraction Phase– this phase is where you initially build interest from the woman you are talking to. In this phase you plow self-amused emotional value to get her hooked enough so she
starts to really interact. Note that the “Attraction Phase” is not the same as an Attraction Element, although you use a lot of Attraction Elements in the Attraction Phase. The Attraction Phase should last no more than 3 minutes. (more…)

Get Laid on Social Sex Networks

How to Deal with Girls you Met on Adult Social Sites in real Life

We discovered a long time ago that even when girls you meet on adult social networks, want to sleep with you, they sometimes have second thoughts at the last minute. There are a handful of reasons for this, ranging from them wondering if you’ll think they’re a slut to them following stupid books like The Rules and thinking it’s not OK to have sex without first completing three proper dates. I have fantastic solutions to this problem.